Independent Advisor Services

Delivering presentations, conference panels, keynotes, seminars and executive briefings.

Sharing insights, strategies and end-user experiences about emerging telecommunications technologies and their business adoption. Built through 5 years of discussions with thousands of peers in every major industry segment in North America.

Tailored Seminars

  • Business Insight seminar series
  • Business Engagement seminar series
  • Business Continuity - new technology options

Business Insight seminar series

Audience: C levels (e.g. CIO/CFO/CEO), IT staff and their peer business teams.

  • Telecom Trends — Navigating Through the Fog
  • Business Mobility — Evaluating Business Impacts
  • Business Continuity Plans — The Mobility Flu Shot
  • Location-Based Services (LBS, GPS) — The Value of Where and Now
  • Enterprise Roadmap — Strategies with Emerging Technologies

Business Engagement seminar series

Audience: Sales, Marketing, and Business Development Executives and their teams.

  • Understanding What Trends Matter and Why
  • Engaging the CIO and IT Leadership Teams
  • New Solutions: Impacts in Enterprise Eco-Systems
  • B2B Enterprise Engagements — Enhancing Solution Sales